A large male sculpture of Kilite Noufe ( 1940 - 2013) of slender form, the arms carved close to the body, wearing long pants and a jacket of military or police dresse, the cap looking like the headdess of a Frend "Flic"; reddish to occre karite wood, signs of ritual use in form of sacrification-remnants, the eyes and brows are underlined by pokerwork.

Kilite Noufe

In the interviews I had with Kilite in the last five years before he died I asked him several times : "Why have the male figures you are carving always this "colon-look" even the time of colonisation is over more than 50 years?"His respond: "My sculptures have nothing to do with the time of colonisation. With the independence Africans are looking in the way like I am carving them. These are Africans and not Europeans." "So these aren´t so called "Colon" sculptures? "Yes, it´s right all my male sculptures have nothing to do with the time of Colonisations. I am carving Africans."

1.800 - 2.400,- Euro

Height: 93 cm
Weight: 7,6 kg

Kilite Noufe Lobi sculpture
photo: identification no. P5276844.jpg