A Do´Kamissa scculpture holding a child on its knee, Tamani region, the village unknown, about 50 km from Segou, seated on a rounded stools, the slender torso with a globular abdomen with pointed navel, the tapering, breasts hanging, the openwork arms elongated, the right hand resting on the knee, the ovoid head with a comblike coiffure framed by the elongated pigtails of a married, high ranking woman, signified by the three long pigtails, which are touching the breast and the back of the figure. Only women of chiefs or warlords are alowed to wear these hairdresses.; shiny aged patina, remnants of oxidised karite on heavy, hard lenke wood.

1.200 - 1.500,- Euro

Height: 73 cm
Weight: 5,5 kg

photo: identification no. P5252784.jpg